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Sabrina & Lanetta's Hapuna Beach Wedding

Sabrina and Lanetta had a big family wedding at Hapuna Beach this past fall. Their ceremony began at 9:00am, which was an absolutely perfect time for beautiful blue Hawaiian ocean photographs and limited Hapuna Beach crowds.

Hapuna Beach is known for its incredible long stretch of white sand, which draws crowds from all over. If you want to have a semi-private wedding here, morning time is the right time!

Due to the size of their wedding party (over 30), I helped Sabrina and Lanetta apply to Hawaii State for a special use permit, which was granted. To obtain this permit, all couples must apply with no less than a 45 day lead time. I recommend 90 days to be on the safe side.

Sabrina and Lanetta's wedding was not only intimate, it was so gorgeous thanks to the brilliant colors Hawaii has to offer - just take a look at some of their wedding photographs below!

Kona Wedding Officiant plans intimate beach weddings along the Kona Coast at many beautiful beach locations. To learn more about planning your perfect wedding day in Hawaii, visit

Aloha for now ~ Deanna, Licensed Minister, Kona Wedding Officiant

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Photography provided by Gerald Besson Photography.


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