• Deanna DiMichele

Faith + Kenya's Sunset Elopement At Punalu`u Beach #punaluubeach

Faith and Kenya were married at the gorgeous and unique Punalu`u black sand beach in Na`alehu, Hawaii. This beach is about a one and a half hour drive from Kailua Kona, but well worth it for those looking for a unique wedding place.

Faith and Kenya's Elopement Team consisted of Kona Wedding Officiant®'s Officiant, Deanna, and Associate Photographer, Liz. When we arrived to the beach for Faith and Kenya's wedding, the location was fairly crowded. We started this couple's photos at the top of the beach, near the upper parking area to allow for the beach to clear out for sunset. Liz captured some beautiful first-session elopement photos.

Faith and Kenya spent a little extra time enjoying the moment with one another and on Zoom with their family. In Hawaii, the sun sets really quickly, so before long, it was getting dark! Thanks to Liz's off camera flash, we were still able to capture this couple's ceremony and post-wedding photo session through sunset and even in the dark!