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Weddings In Hawaii - The Hawaiian Lei Exchange

Weddings In Hawaii - The Hawaiian Lei Exchange

The Hawaiian Lei is the symbol of love and Aloha given from one person to another to adorn them, and show their affection for them.  The lei is gently draped over one's head and shoulders.  Leis can be made of many types of natural materials, including beautiful flowers, leaves, nuts, feathers, seeds, and sometimes, they are even crafted of unnatural materials such as yarn, ribbon, and artificial flowers.  A lei should never be refused and should be worn for as long as you are in the company of the person who gave it to you. 

Leis have been used by Hawaiians for centuries to mark celebrations of many occasions, times of peace, births, stepping stones, marriages, and to note very important events in people's lives. 

Today, people still celebrate special occasions every day using Hawaiian leis.  In weddings, a newly married groom and bride will exchange a lei to show their love for one another, and greet them into their hearts as their partner in life.  As they gently drape the lei over their new spouse's head and shoulders, they will give a kiss of Aloha, and welcome their partner with love into their soul.  The lei exchange is a beautiful closing to an already intimate, lovely wedding ceremony on the Islands of Hawaii.  Aloha for now ~ Deanna, Licensed Minister, Kona Wedding Officiant

If you would like to include an intimate Hawaiian Lei Exchange in your upcoming wedding, connect with me anytime at Kona Wedding Officiant, or 808-209-6275


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