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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do I need a permit for my wedding?

Yes.  In order for your wedding to be legal on Hawaii Big Island a permit is required for most locations. Kona Wedding Officiant will obtain this permit for you or assist you in obtaining this permit depending on your chosen location. A Special Use Permit is required for some beaches, State Parks, and all Waterfall locations, so please contact us to discuss these locations. 

2.  What if it rains on my wedding day?

We love the Big Island for its incredible weather.  Often weather passes.  We recommend you heed to our advice regarding best practices for weather.  If needed, we will change locations to a Plan B.  Typically for Adventure Elopements, we proceed with the date and time as the couple and team have traveled distances to be on location. In the unusual event of long-lasting weather (weather systems), we will reschedule your wedding for another location or date. 


3.  How do I get a marriage license?

Kona Wedding Officiant will assist you with obtaining your marriage license by sending you the link to Hawaii Vital Records, making your marriage licensing appointment for you, and then filing your marriage license after your wedding. 


4.  When is the best time for my wedding?

We recommend ceremonies before 10 to avoid heat and crowds and two hours before sunset for best light (and enjoyment of sunset!).  Times vary by location.  The sun rises in East Hawaii and sets in West Hawaii.  When planning, keep this in mind!

5.  Do you have sunrise or sunset fees?

We do not have sunset fees.  We have a sunrise fee of $550 for locations in Kailua Kona and $850 for locations outside of Kailua Kona.  This is per vendor and for times within 90 minutes of sunrise. 

6. Is an elopement or a group wedding?

Our Elopements are for couples [2] and Group Weddings are for groups 3+.  At the beach we service groups 3 - 20 and at private venues, we service groups over 20 with some additional fees.  Our Black Sand Beach Adventure Elopements are booked as separate packages, and can be viewed here. 

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