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Hawaii Marriage License Information + FAQs

How do we obtain a Marriage License In Hawaii?

Both getting married in Hawaii & obtaining a marriage license are very simple!


The steps to apply for and obtain a marriage license in the state of Hawaii are very easy.  To start, you can apply for the license online.  The license is valid on all Hawaiian Islands, so if you pick it up on Maui, you can still use it on Big Island. 

Most people will complete their marriage license application online. The online application is valid up to one year.  The paper license in hand is only valid 30 days. You won't receive that until you get to Hawaii and meet with a marriage licensing agent in person.  

Here at Kona Wedding Officiant, we'll assist you with this process by making your marriage licensing appointment for you nearest to your vacation rental (or home) before your wedding. Once you complete the application online, we will gather the information we need from you to make these arrangements.

Steps For Completing Your Hawaii Marriage License

1. Just visit MARRIAGE LICENSE APPLICATION to complete your application online. The cost is $65 payable online. This application is valid online for up to one year from your issue date (the date you filled out the application). 

Info for your Marriage License Application

Marriage Performer's Name: DiMichele, Deanna Higgs

Location: (can be changed later): Your Preferred Beach

City/State: (can be changed later): Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

County: Hawaii


2. When you receive your Locator ID from your Marriage License Application.  Kona Wedding Officiant will send you a Reservations Form to note your referred time and date to pick up your Marriage License.


3. Deanna of Kona Wedding Officiant will make your Marriage License Appointment for you nearest to your vacation rental or home.


4.  A few days before your wedding and you and your partner will need to appear in person to meet with the marriage licensing agent with a valid government issued photo ID (and if you've been divorced in the past 30 days, your divorce decree) to finalize the paperwork and receive the license in hand.


5.  You will bring this license to your wedding, we will all sign it together, and then Deanna of Kona Wedding Officiant will file it after your wedding.  It will be available to you online within 3 business days and mailed within 6 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of our Frequently Asked Questions - just in case you had any.

*What is your Covid-19 Policy?

At Kona Wedding Officiant, we understand that these are uncertain times. Due to this, we are offering Flexible Rebooking to all couples for 545 days from your initial booking date should you need to change your date due to Covid-19 interruptions. You can review this policy by reading our Wedding Contract in our Booking Calendar.

1.  Can I book my date online?

Yes.  If your date and time is available in our online calendar, you can book your wedding online.  If your selected wedding date and time is not available online (no bookings are available with Deanna Higgs DiMichele), but you would still like to make a reservation with Kona Wedding Officiant, please contact us directly. 

2.  How do I choose my beach?  Can you help me?

We have a recommended list of Beach Wedding Locations and showcase Real Wedding on our Blog.  These are our recommended beach wedding locations.  Feel free to call, text, or email Deanna with any questions or to ask for recommendations. 

3.  Can you help me with my Hawaii marriage license?

Yes.  Deanna will send you all of the information you need to complete your online marriage license application.  Once you do that, she will make your marriage license appointment for you so that when you arrive to Hawaii you can meet with an agent to pick it up.  Then, after your wedding, she will file it electronically and also send you an E-Copy.  Learn more about Marriage Licenses here.

4.  I've been divorced, do I need my divorce decree?

You only need your divorce decree if your divorce was finalized in the last 30 days. 

5.  Do I need my birth certificate when I pick up my marriage license?

No, you only need a valid government issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or a valid passport with a photo. 

6.  Do we need a witness to be married in Hawaii?

No.  Hawaii allows you to have a completely intimate elopement if you desire - just the couple and your officiant. 

7.  Do  you supply the beach permit for us?

Yes, all weddings at Kona Wedding Officiant come with a DLNR Beach Permit unless you would like your wedding to take place at a National Park or a State Park.  If your wedding has more than 25 people, please contact us and we can help you obtain a permit through the State of Hawaii for larger beach weddings. 

8.  Do you require a deposit?  How is the balance paid?

All weddings require a 50% non-refundable deposit & signed wedding contract.  Simple weddings require a $200 non-refundable deposit & signed wedding contract. This holds your wedding date and time.  The balance is due ten days before your wedding ceremony.

9.  What is the best time for a ceremony?

We recommend early in the day between 8-10am and in the evening between 4-6pm to avoid heat and crowds.

10.  What if it rains on my wedding day?  Can we reschedule?

The chance of rain in Kona is highly unlikely.  West Hawaii, Kona, is a desert.  A light rain on your wedding day in Hawaii is considered a blessing.  In the event of a downpour we can change locations to a drier area or reschedule your date based on availability.

Covid 19 - Flexible Rebooking & Questions 

*What is your Covid-19 Policy?

At Kona Wedding Officiant, we understand that these are uncertain times. Due to this, we are offering Flexible Rebooking to all couples for 545 days from your initial booking date should you need to change your date due to Covid-19 interruptions. You can review this policy by reading our Wedding Contract in our Booking Calendar.

*Are group sizes limited?

Yes, group sizes are currently limited to 10 persons indoors and outdoors.  This includes the couple, all guests, and vendors (Officiant, Photographer, etc.)

*How are marriage licenses being handled?

Most appointments are being handled via Zoom or Facetime once couples arrive in Hawaii.  Government issued photo IDs are still required, and if it is a private agent, a $5 cash payment mailed to the agent is required. Deanna will make your appointment at your chosen date and time, print your license for you, then file it after your ceremony.

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Licensed Minister

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Meet Deanna

Kona Wedding Officiant’s licensed minister, Deanna, believes that Aloha is the most important element of a wedding in Hawaii.  Aloha has many meanings, but most of all, it means love.  Deanna specializes in Hawaiian traditions and enjoys creating intimate, romantic ceremonies for couples.  All couples and denominations are welcome in marriage and vow renewal at Kona Wedding Officiant. 

Deanna believes that every wedding is a gift.  She is passionate about bringing couples together in the sacred bond of marriage.  Ceremonies are personalized to couples and additional elements such as Blowing Of The Pu are welcomed without additional fees. To create an ideal experience, all weddings are performed on secluded beaches whenever possible.

Deanna has a degree in Philosophy and Religion.  She has a strong background in Hawaiian cultures and traditions through her past work as a teacher in the state of Hawaii.  Deanna had the privilege to teach Hawaiian studies and Hawaiian history.  There she was given the gift of working with Hawaiian Kumus where she learned protocols and traditions such as lei making, chants, and songs.  Deanna continues to learn new Hawaiian Oli, Mele, and Pule to bring to her ceremonies. Before moving to Hawaii, back in New Jersey, Deanna worked with hundreds of brides and grooms in a different way, as a professional wedding photographer.

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