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The Day of Three Beaches - Kekaha Kai

​​Note:  This route is only accessible by 4WD/lifted vehicle/foot.

Take an adventure in the middle of the week and head to Kekaha Kai for a private day of sunshine.

Kekaha Kai State Beach Park is one of the most breathtaking stretches of white sandy beach on the Kona Coast.  Ideal for a private wedding, alone time, sunbathing, swimming, or adventure, Kekaha Kai offers picturesque blue ocean as far as the eye can see.

Kekaha Kai State Beach Park is located just 2.6 miles north of the Kona Airport.  Turning toward the coastline off the highway (down a clearly marked unpaved road), travel the long windy stretch of black lava until you reach the parking area. Handicapped parking and restrooms are on-site, but no drinking water is provided, so be sure to bring plenty.

Enjoy your whole day here at beautiful Kekaha Kai, or start walking north along the coastline to satisfy the curious side of you.

Heading North, walk across the white sand beach.  You will cross through small patches of lava rock and approach another beach along this stretch.  This is the second beach.  Continue North until you come to an `A`a lava (loose lava) trail. Cross it, still following the path. Be sure not to stray as the land off the trail is Kapu (sacred/KEEP OUT) and private property. Finally you will approach the most private of all these beaches - Makalawaena. Though a weekend can bring a crowd, weekdays offer a private setting for families, couples, and individuals. It is not uncommon to see a group of tourists frolicking about the surf in their birthday suits on this serene beach.

In less than 2 miles you will have visited three of the most beautiful beaches Kona has to offer!


1.  Bring protective clothing. This terrain is unforgiving and hot. A hat and long sleeves are highly recommended. 

2. Throw some sneakers in your pack. Your feet will thank you. 

3.  Lather up on REEF SAFE sunscreen. Rub it in, don't spray it on. Wait at least twenty minutes to enjoy the ocean after application to protect your skin, the reef, and the fish. 

4. Stay hydrated. Carry plenty of water and snacks. There is absolutely no water or food along this path.

5. Look where you get in the water before you do so. Avoid blackish areas, which usually are an indication of lava rock and possibly sea urchins. 

6. Look, but do not touch!  Turtles are amazing!  However, hey are protected by federal law by twenty feet of space. (This means no hovering!)  Let your eyes enjoy the beauty nature has to offer from a distance.

7. A 4WD or lifted vehicle will be needed to get back to Kekaha Kai.

8. The beach is also accessible by foot. Parking just off the highway is available for those who wish to make the journey.

9. This short trek along the coast to see three beautiful beaches is applicable for most people in good physical condition. With very young children or elderly, it may be best to visit only the first beach, as the trail along the coast is moderately challenging.

10.  Entrance to the park is free for everyone and there is no fee for parking.  Yippee!

Aloha for now ~ Deanna, Licensed Minister, Kona Wedding Officiant

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