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Pu`u Wa`awa`a - “The Many-furrowed Hill”

Pu`u Wa`awa`a - “The Many-furrowed Hill”

Pu`u Wa`awa`a is the namesake of the greater ahupua`a in the North Kona district. It encompasses 35,000 acres of land from Kiholo Bay to 6,500 feet above sea level. This area has a rich history, unique geological formations, incredible natural beauty, and diverse biological features. Pu`u Wa`awa`a is considered the oldest feature on Great Mount Hualalai at 10,000 years old. On this Cinder Cone, pumice and obsidian are found. A once operational quarry in the 20th century, Pu`u Wa`awa`a continues to erode to this day. Pu`u Wa`awa`a is home to the Hawaii State Bird, the nene goose, the Hawaiian Hoary Bat ope`ape`a, the endangered Blackburn sphinx moth, the `oka`i, several native forest birds, and many endemic insects. Pu`u Wa`awa`a is also home to many state flowers, rare plants, and native trees. The Pu`u Wa`awa`a hike is a 7.7 mile out and back with little shade. It is best to leave for this hike in the early morning before high sun and afternoon fog and rains.

Remember to be respectful of the land as you hike, stay on the trail, leave no trace, and only observe the beauty around you. On a clear day, you can see Maui, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, and Kohala from the summit.

Bring a hat, long sleeves, reef safe sunscreen, snacks, plenty of water, and sturdy hiking shoes.

Aloha for now ~ Deanna, Licensed Minister, Kona Wedding Officiant

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