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Our Recommended Beach Wedding Locations

Are you planning your Big Island Beach wedding from somewhere other than the Big Island and don’t know what the island’s beaches look like? It can be difficult to get a sense of Hawaii’ Big Island when possibly you have never even set foot on this Big Island itself!  Photos, maps, and internet search can tell you a lot, but when you are planning your special day, be sure to reach out to a local to obtain the most accurate information about your wedding location.  

As you plan your perfect day, try to do these things:

1. Gather as many images as you can. Internet search can be inaccurate and misleading. Generated images may not even be the actual location that you are searching for! Check tags, image names, and compare with other search images you pull up. Don't rely that every image generated is correct.

2. Do a 'topo' map search to get an idea of the area and what is surrounding it. What looks absolutely incredible in a photograph might not look so great just beside it.

3. Do an 'earth' search. See if you can drop yourself into the map and 'walk about' a little. Get a general sense of the area.

4. Consider your wedding party and your chosen location. How is the parking? How is the terrain? Are there restrooms? Is there shade? If you are bringing grandma with you, will she be able to make it out to your chosen ceremony location?

5. Look for images of other people having a wedding like yours at this location. Plan to elope? Look for elopement weddings at your chosen location. Plan on a big wedding? Look for family weddings at your spot.

Here at Kona Wedding Officiant, we have a page dedicated to our beautiful recommended Big Island Beach Locations.  These spots are tried and true for your big day here in Hawaii. Although we can obtain a permit for many locations, these are the ones that we recommend above all else due to their intimacy, beauty, and character.  So, check them out - and please, ask any questions you have! It is our pleasure to help you plan your best day ever here in Hawaii.

Kona Wedding Officiant plans intimate beach weddings along the Kona Coast at many beautiful beach locations. To learn more about planning your perfect wedding day in Hawaii, visit

Aloha for now ~ Deanna, Licensed Minister, Kona Wedding Officiant

Connect with me anytime to plan your dream destination wedding at Kona Wedding Officiant, or 808-209-6275


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