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Old Kona Airport Beach Weddings Kailua Kona Hawaii Big Island

Many of our couples say, "In Hawaii, every beach is a beautiful beach to be married on!"

And while it's hard to disagree, there is something incredibly magical about being married under the setting summer sun on a beach in Kailua Kona, Big Island.

West Hawaii summer skies, particularly those right here in beautiful Kona should not be missed. Offering our eyes the most brilliant of pinks, purples and oranges, summer skies in Hawaii make my heart melt.

Congratulations to the lovely couples photographed here, who said I do with us this year in the presence of their family and friends in Kailua Kona, Hawaii!

These couples were recently married at Old Kona Airport Beach right in the Heart of Kailua Kona.

See below some of the goods and bads of this easy to access location right in the heart of Kona Town.


+Easy access

*Kona Old Airport sits at the edge of Kailua Kona Town, making it very accessible for couples with no vehicle, large family groups staying in Kona, couples/families who want to have dinner right after their ceremony in Kailua Kona without the fuss of driving.

+Large and Flat

*The beach is large, compact and flat in many areas, making it easy for people of all ages to get around.

+Plenty of Parking

*Parking is abundant here.

+Plenty of Space

*Kona Old Airport is very large, and includes a grass park across the parking lot. Areas for photography, ceremonies, and gatherings are plentiful.


*The park includes restrooms, rentable pavilions for group use through Hawaii County, and is one of the few beach locations where there is shade in the day.


* This is one of the only locations with covered shade from trees and pavilions.

+Chairs and Arches

*Since this is a County Park, couples are allowed to have chairs and wedding arches on the beach here. No wedding receptions are allowed unless a pavilion has been rented. There is a LEAVE NO TRACE LAW HERE, which means all items including florals, trash, etc. must be taken with you when you leave. The beach should look better than you found it upon your leaving. Please keep Hawaii beaches beautiful!

+No max party size

* Most beaches in Hawaii limit guest counts due to state regulations. Since Kona Old Airport is a County Park, this is an ideal location for larger groups, 25 persons and over.

+Gorgeous Sunsets and Rocky Ocean Views

*The out to sea landscape here during morning and sunset hours is outstanding!


-This location is popular.

* This beach's proximity to town makes it an easily accessible spot to just about everyone.


*The location is industrial. The background on the mountain side includes pavilions, the large parking lot, and a mountain with many buildings.


* This location can be noisy. Since it is public, it is hard to say when the location will be secluded and when it will be quiet.

When it comes to determining the right location for your wedding, it is best to look at the overall picture of your special day. Figure out what is most important. Is it a secluded elopement for two? Or is it a big family wedding? Is having plenty of parking and easy access to town and restaurants a priority? Or do you prefer to be in a remote location that you have to hike to? When you start to figure out your priority list and what you want your day to look like you'll have a better idea of locations that will fit your needs. I'm happy to answer any questions you have regarding location as you plan your special day here on Hawaii Big Island.

Aloha - Deanna - Kona Wedding Officiant®, Owner, Licensed Minister & Marriage Officiant.

To learn more about planning your perfect wedding day in Hawaii, explore our main page - or connect with us anytime to book your dream destination wedding at

Kona Wedding Officiant® 808-209-6275

Photography Provided by Kona Wedding Officiant® Associate Photography Team All Images protected by Copyright of Kona Wedding Officiant®






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