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No Rental Car? No Problem - Have Kailua-Kona Hawaii Beach Wedding Without Wheels!

No Rental Car? No Problem - Have Kailua-Kona Hawaii Beach Wedding Without Wheels!

Many couples ask whether or not they should rent a car when they visit the Big Island of Hawaii. My answer to all couples is a resounding yes! The Big Island is a 125 mile drive around on Highway 11 with so many diverse landscapes and features to see within just a few short miles. Public transportation is not plentiful nor reliable on Big Island, so couples without a vehicle will be walking, taking taxis (expensive), or relying on Uber (also expensive).

If renting a car doesn’t fit into your budget and you only plan to visit Kailua-Kona, then walking, Uber, and the Kona Trolley might just work for you. Couples looking for a gorgeous private beach to be married on within walking distance to their vacation rental need not look further than Holualoa Bay.

Holualoa Bay is a small beach tucked to the south side of Alii Drive. It is so private that many locals do not even know of its existence or location. It is a wonderful wedding place due to its seclusion, small sandy area, and magnificent Kona sunsets!

Be aware, Holualoa Bay can sometimes be difficult to access during high surf or high tide. It is important to check both the surf and the tide during your wedding time and be prepared for an adventure or location change if need be. Holualoa Bay offers several small sandy areas, some more secluded than others. The less private areas front condos, while the more difficult to access areas (during high surf/tide) front the ocean, rocks and trees.

Kona Wedding Officiant plans intimate beach weddings along the Kona Coast at Holualoa Beach and other beautiful locations. STo learn more about planning your perfect wedding day in Hawaii, visit

Photography by Brittany Renault Big Island Photographer. All editing is by Kona Wedding Officiant. Images protected by Copyright owned by Kona Wedding Officiant.

Aloha for now ~ Deanna, Licensed Minister, Kona Wedding Officiant

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