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Kikaua Point Park Wedding

Wondering where to have your Hawaii family wedding? Why pay for a wedding venue when the beach is free? (and incredibly beautiful!) Kikaua Point Park is the perfect place for elopements and family weddings. I love this beach because it only allows ONE wedding at a time! That means that no other weddings can go on while you are celebrating your special moments.

Here's the big things you need to know about this spot:

- If you want it - Book Early

- Only two weddings are allowed per day here, one in the morning, and one in the evening. That means that this place gets booked far in advance. If you've decided Kikaua Point Park is your spot (and why wouldn't it be!), tell your wedding planner to make the arrangements and get your permit!

- Only 20 people maximum are allowed

-That includes all guests, the couple, and all vendors.

-You can have chairs and food here

-You can have your ceremony, people can sit, and you can even eat on the beach afterwards! Can you say wedding cake?

-Your permit only lasts for two hours

-Decide on the best start and end time and get going. You only have two hours from start to finish to enjoy your celebration.

-There is very limited parking

-Plan to carpool, and don't have your wedding during the park's high-time. Early morning, or late afternoon-sunset time is recommended. Kukio Security DOES NOT hold parking stalls for weddings!

-No drones and no tents are allowed

- You can have music for your processional, but is has to be acoustic

Here at Kona Wedding Officiant, we have a page dedicated to our beautiful recommended Big Island Beach Locations.  These spots are tried and true for your big day here in Hawaii. Although we can obtain a permit for many locations, these are the ones that we recommend above all else due to their intimacy, beauty, and character.  So, check them out - and please, ask any questions you have! It is our pleasure to help you plan your best day ever here in Hawaii.

Kona Wedding Officiant plans intimate beach weddings along the Kona Coast at many beautiful beach locations. To learn more about planning your perfect wedding day in Hawaii, visit

Aloha for now ~ Deanna, Licensed Minister, Kona Wedding Officiant

Connect with me anytime to plan your dream destination wedding at Kona Wedding Officiant, or 808-209-6275


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