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How To Elope In Kona Hawaii In Just Five Easy Steps!

Hawaii is one of the easiest (and best) states to have a getaway elopement. You do not need a witness and you can research many marriage officiants and wedding planners online. What’s more, you can fill out Hawaii’s Marriage License Application online before you even get to the state. It’s valid online for one year.

1. Pick Your Travel Dates

Decide when you’re coming to the islands and which island you’re coming to. Check AirBnB and VRBO for great rates and eccentric rentals. Plan to arrive at least one to two business days before you intend to marry.

2. Choose Your Officiant

To get married, you'll need a wedding officiant. Most officiants have websites and can be found online. Read reviews, look at photos, and watch videos.

3. Fill Out The Hawaii Marriage Online Application

Go to this link. The cost is $65 payable online. To fill out the Hawaii State Marriage online application, you’ll need to know your Marriage Officiant.

4. Meet With The Marriage License Agent

Before your wedding, you’ll both need to meet with a Marriage Licensing agent to pick up your license in hand (usually Monday - Friday). Check Hawaii State holidays! At Kona Wedding Officiant, we’ll make the licensing appointment for you nearest to your rental.

Have your valid government issued photo ID (passport or license) and your divorce decree if you have been divorced in the last 30 days ready when you meet with your licensing agent.

5. Bring Your Marriage License To Your Wedding

Bring your marriage license to your wedding ceremony. You both will sign it together with your officiant after your wedding ceremony. Your officiant will file it for you.

That’s it! You have eloped in Hawaii in five easy steps! Congratulations!

Kona Wedding Officiant's licensed minister Deanna offers free phone and consultations to all couples who are thinking of getting married in Hawaii. Kona Wedding Officiant will also make your Marriage Licensing appointment for you before your wedding. We are fully insured and offer beach permits for over twenty beach locations. Kona Wedding Officiant is based out of Kailua Kona, Hawaii and serves West Hawaii and beyond.

Visit our website at to learn about affordable, beautiful beach wedding planning and officiant services. We offer intimate elopement and family ceremonies in Kona, Hawaii.

Much Aloha! ~ Deanna, Licensed Minister, Kona Wedding Officiant


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