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Kona Wedding Officiant® Photographers


Kona Wedding Officiant® employs a team of highly talented Big Island-only photographers. Our photographers are interviewed for our company to ensure they meet our standards in terms of professionalism, quality of work, attitude, and wedding day flow.


Before shooting for us, our wedding photographers are trained for Kona Wedding Officiant's ceremonies. Our photographers know what we expect in terms of our weddings (your wedding!), which includes providing the best possible day of experience to our couples.


When you plan your wedding package with Kona Wedding Officiant® that includes your officiant, wedding photographer, and other included team vendors, you are planning a special day with a choreographed group of professionals who are prepared with your wedding timeline, created to ensure we give you the best experience possible.


View the work of our professional skilled team by visiting our TEAM PAGE and clicking on the link associate with each photographer.


Here at Kona Wedding Officiant®, photographers are assigned about 2 months prior to weddings and are based on availability. Although we do not guarantee specific photographers can be assigned to your special day, if you find a photographer who you particularly connect with, we will do our best to assign that photographer to your wedding. Photographs are edited in house at Kona Wedding Officiant® for consistency, unless otherwise noted.

Kona Wedding Officiant® plans intimate beach weddings along the Kona Coast at many beautiful beach locations. To learn more about planning your perfect wedding day in Hawaii, visit

Aloha for now ~ Deanna, Licensed Minister, Kona Wedding Officiant®

Connect with me anytime to plan your dream destination wedding at Kona Wedding Officiant, or 808-209-6275.


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